Wagner ‘a great example of what is wrong with Washington, D.C.’

To the editor:

Thanks to Brian Ettling’s recent letter calling for U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner to lead on climate change by supporting the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s carbon fee and dividend proposal.

A quick review of Rep. Wagner’s voting record on energy and oil reveals that she has signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by Americans for Prosperity, which is a conservative political advocacy group funded by the Koch brothers.

The representative also has rejected cap-and-trade — she signed the Contract from America which supports the Tea Party movement — and opposes regulating green house gas emissions.

Unfortunately, Rep. Wagner is a great example of what is wrong with Washington, D.C.

She votes the way her political party, lobbyists and those who contribute the most in the way of donations tell her to, in an effort to elevate her status in the Republican Party. The only time the constituents matter is when it gets close to election season.

People of Missouri, we can do better than this — let’s make changes in November. And, oh by the way, she has stated on numerous occasions she does not believe in climate change.