Voting brings attention to important community issues – vote April 5

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

The results of local elections affect everyone – those who vote and those who do not. But historically, voter turnout for municipal elections is about 20 percent. This means only two of every 10 registered voters actually cast a ballot in an April election! This gives those two voters an exceptionally strong voice in how local government is run. Vote local so that your opinion is included.

In many ways, communities are more affected by local officials and local government than by presidential election results, so don’t just vote every four years. Local electeds and local ballot issues affect our daily lives – education, healthcare and food access, public safety, public transportation, housing and zoning regulations, local tax rates. Local problems are consequential every day. With your vote you are helping bring attention to important concerns in your community. When we all vote, our government will better serve our needs and those of our neighbors.

You are entitled to have an opinion. Voting is a right that generations of Americans have struggled to win, and people in many other countries are still fighting for. Use it, so we do not lose it. Democracy needs you.

Before going to the polls, do your homework about the issues in our community and the candidates. One place to get non-partisan election information is the LWVSTL Voters Guide at

Make your voice heard in every election. Make a plan to VOTE on April 5.

Angie Dunlap
Editor’s note: Angie Dunlap is the president of the League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis