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Voters have their say in April 5 election

Staff report

South county voters returned a slew of elected officials to their seats on various governmental bodies Tuesday — and elected a handful of new ones.

When the last of the election returns came in April 5, Crestwood voters had ousted their mayor, Mehlville Fire Protection District voters had narrowly re-elected their Board of Directors chairman and Mehlville School District voters had chosen three new Board of Education members, among other races.

Countywide, 117,692 voters cast ballots Tuesday out of 692,289 registered voters — putting the total turnout at 17 percent, according to unofficial results.


Ward 2 Alderman Jeff Schlink captured more than 65 percent of the vote to unseat Mayor Roy Robinson, who was vying for his third three-year term.

Robinson received 980 votes — 34.7 percent — and Schlink received 1,838 votes — 65.1 percent.

Mehlville Fire Protection District

Slightly more than 200 votes lifted Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer over challenger Michael Klund to win a second six-year term.

Klund received 7,205 votes — 47.5 percent — and Hilmer received 7,418 votes — 48.9 percent. A third candidate, R.L. Praprotnik, received 527 votes — 3.5 percent.

While his name was on the ballot, Praprotnik had withdrawn from the race and was supporting Hilmer.

MFPD voters Tuesday also overwhelmingly approved Proposition S, or Simplification. The ballot measure asked voters to approve consolidating the district’s general fund and ambulance fund into one fund, resulting in the elimination of the ambulance fund.

Prop S received 11,804 yes votes — 79.2 percent — and 3,107 no votes — 20.8 percent.

Mehlville Board of Education

Elaine Powers, Rich Franz and Mark Stoner edged out six other candidates to win three seats — with three-year terms — on the school board.

They will fill the board seats being vacated by Drew Frauenhoffer and Erin Weber as well as the seat once held by Karl Frank Jr., who resigned in November.

Powers received 5,686 votes — 19 percent; Franz received 3,969 votes — 13.2 percent; and Stoner received 3,802 votes — 12.7 percent.

Following the top-three candidates were: David Wessel — 3,657 votes, 12.2 percent; John Roland Jr. — 3,177 votes, 10.6 percent; Michael Doyel — 2,881 votes, 9.6 percent; Marea Kluth-Hoppe — 2,595 votes, 8.7 percent; Deb Langland — 2,428 votes, 8.1 percent; and Franchesca Gindler — 1,732 votes, 5.8 percent.

Lindbergh Board of Education

Voters Tuesday returned incumbents Kathleen Kienstra and Don Bee and elected former Democratic state Rep. Vicki Lorenz Englund to three seats on the board. They will each serve three-year terms.

Kienstra received 4,346 votes — 21 percent; Bee received 3,784 votes — 18.3 percent; and Englund received 3,711 votes — 18 percent.

After them: Joseph Sartorius — 3,392 votes, 16.4 percent; Leslie Weiss — 3.086 votes, 14.9 percent; and George Rezabek — 2,326, 11.3 percent.

Also up for election was a seat vacated last year by Janine Fabick that carries a one-year term. Larry McIntosh currently is serving in the seat. Missouri law states no school-board election will take place in a district if the number of candidates who file is equal to the number of board seats to be filled by the election

Because he was the only candidate to file for the seat that carries a one-year term, board Treasurer Mark Rudoff automatically won the seat.

Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen

In the city’s only contested board race, Ward 1 Alderman Dee Baebler won a full two-year term over challenger Jim Rode. Baebler was appointed to the board nearly a year ago to fill the seat vacated by Bill Nolan when he was elected mayor.

Baebler received 218 votes — 63.6 percent — and Rode received 124 votes — 36.2 percent.

Ward 2 Alderman Scott Haggerty, Ward 3 Alderman Jan Hoffmann and Ward 4 Alderman Patricia Fribis all were re-elected unopposed.

Green Park

Voters re-elected Mayor Tony Konopka to a third two-year term over challenger Mark Friederich.

Konopka received 307 votes — 67.8 percent — and Friederich received 145 votes — 32 percent.

In addition, Ward 2 Alderman Tim Thuston was re-elected to a third two-year term by 10 votes over challenger Vicki Gamache.

Thuston received 98 votes — 52.7 percent — and Gamache received 88 votes — 47.3 percent.

Ward 1 Alderman Anthony Pousosa and Ward 3 Alderman Joe Monteleone were re-elected unopposed.

Grantwood Village

Voters elected Building and Streets Commissioner Bob Bess, resident Mark Kienstra and Village Clerk Rich Muraski to serve full two-year terms on the Board of Trustees.

Bess and Muraski were appointed last year to fill two of three vacated board seats.

Bess and Kienstra received 187 votes — 31 percent, and Muraski received 120 votes — 19.7 percent.

Former Community Relations Director Mike Jones, who resigned last week, received 109 votes — 17.9 percent. Jones was appointed to the third vacant board seat last year. He’d already filed for Tuesday’s election before deciding to resign due to career obligations.

St. Louis County Assessor

Democrat Jake Zimmerman easily dispatched of Republican L.K. “Chip” Wood to become the county’s first elected assessor.

Zimmerman received 73,356 votes — 63.7 percent — and Wood received 41,645 votes — 36.2 percent.

Zimmerman will serve until Dec. 31, 2014, at which point whomever voters elected that November will become assessor. From that point on, the assessor will elected every four years.

Missouri voters on Nov. 2 approved a constitutional amendment requiring the election of the St. Louis County assessor, previously an appointed position. County voters overwhelmingly approved an identical charter amendment in the Aug. 3 primary election.

Election results from elsewhere in the county can be viewed


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