Voters have spoken; reader hopes firefighters’ union is listening

The election of Ed Ryan on Tuesday, April 3, represents a resounding vote of confidence in the reforms made by Mehlville Fire Protection District Directors Aaron Hilmer and Bonnie Stegman.

Ryan is a man of principle and integrity who will serve the taxpayers of our fire district with honor and dedication.

Once again, the Mehlville firefighters’ union conducted a negative campaign of smear, half-truths and fabricated facts. It is a real shame that these public employees continue to obstruct the march of reform mandated by the voters of south county.

The firefighters union framed this election as a battle between organized labor and the reform agenda of Hilmer and Stegman.

The voters chose reform by a landslide. All parties must now unite, accept the outcome and move forward.

It is time that the professional firefighters and paramedics of the Mehlville FPD abandon their campaign of endless lawsuits and confrontation. Let us open a new era of cooperation and civility.

The voters have spoken with a loud voice. I sincerely hope that Local 1889 is listening.

Jim Stonebraker