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Voters don’t need IQ test at all; could be used against ‘deplorables’


To the editor:

This is a reply to Bruce Korbesmeyer’s March 7 letter “IQ test needed for voting now,” where the contributor suggests IQ tests be given to voters due to continued voter support for the POTUS, Donald Trump.

Interesting that the party (Democrat) that is supposedly upset with imagined “voter suppression” now wants IQ tests to weed out the undesirables and deplorables.

And the Democratic Party House of Representatives has just announced they would defend the right of illegal aliens to vote. I guess they would be exempt from the test?

This is pure idiocy. There were 62-plus million people who voted for President Trump.

He is our president. Get over it.

If anyone needs to be given an IQ test it’s the “Dims” who can’t accept the fact that they lost a fair election and Hillary Clinton is not their president.

If she were, we would not have the growing economy, low unemployment, lower taxes, lower fuel prices, a strong military, fewer growth-hindering regulations, the defeat of ISIS, return of American hostages, return of remains of Korean War MIAs.

And the list of achievement continues.

And who would make up this IQ test, and who would administer it and judge the results? Sounds like something out of Nazi Germany or Mao’s Great Leap Forward. Or something the Democratic Party of the “Ole South” plantation mentality would institute.

Again, pure idiocy.

Yes, someone does need an IQ test, but it is not the current millions of registered American voters.

Howard Sloan

South County

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