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Two local school boards honored for their service

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

Serving on a board of education is a thankless, time-consuming job.

Board members are an easy target for criticism by residents, employees and the media. That’s why we applaud members of the Lindbergh and Mehlville school boards for stepping up and volunteering their time to serve their community. Board members typically don’t receive many accolades for their service. That’s why it was refreshing to see both boards honored by the Missouri School Boards’ Association, or MSBA.

The Lindbergh Board of Education was presented with the MSBA’s 2017 Governance Team Award — one of 24 Missouri school boards that received the honor. The Lindbergh school board has earned this prestigious honor six times since 2010.

The award is based on a board’s outstanding commitment to ongoing professional development in such areas as student achievement, school law and finance, board operations and contemporary issues in education.

Former board members include President Kathleen Kienstra, Vice President Donald Bee, Treasurer Vicki Englund and member Gary Ujka. Current board members include President Karen Schuster, Vice President Jennifer Miller, Secretary Mike Shamia, Treasurer Mike Tsichlis and members Cathy Carlock Lorenz, Matt Alonzo and Christy Watz.

The Mehlville Board of Education also received the Governance Team Award, along with the association’s 2017 Outstanding Board of Education Award in School Finance Resources.

The School Finance Resources Award is based on a transparent budget aligned with the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and accuracy of accounting practices, auditing procedures and financial reporting, among other criteria.

Board members include President Samantha Stormer, Vice President Jean Pretto, Secretary Lisa Dorsey and members Larry Felton, Kevin Schartner, Jamey Murphy and Peggy Hassler. Former board member Venki Palamand stepped down in April.

Pretto and Felton also received individual awards. Felton, the outgoing MSBA president, was one of seven board members to receive the MSBA Distinguished Certification Award, while Pretto earned the MSBA Master Certification Award.

Like we said, school board members are an easy target for criticism.

That’s why it’s nice to see Lindbergh and Mehlville school board members receive statewide recognition for their volunteer service.

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