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Try these hints for a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to living a healthier life-style, adding a little variety to your routine can help keep you inspired.

It also makes daily activities, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising, more en-joyable, according to nutrition experts.

Dietary and nutrition experts offer the following tips to help you get on track:

• Fight brain drain. Morning or afternoon slumps often occur because the brain needs more fuel. Try keeping some quick snacks on hand to give you a burst of energy, such as one cup of yogurt, one cup of high-fiber cereal, half of a sandwich, 1.5 ounces of low-fat cheese and a few crackers, or one cup of fresh fruit with two tablespoons of peanut butter.

• Drink water. Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water before meals may also be a good way to keep your appetite in check.

• Avoid mindless eating. To prevent mindless eating — which may lead to over-eating — try eating as an exclusive activity.

This can be incredibly difficult for multi-taskers. An easy solution is to designate one meal or snack as “sit and savor” time. This simple change in routine can help individuals make better food choices throughout the day and enjoy more satisfying meals.

• Shake the sodium habit and protect your bones. Calcium is an essential bone-building mineral. Many dietary factors are associated with bone health and some may in-terfere with calcium absorption.

For example, high sodium intake may result in increased calcium excretion, especially when coupled with a low calcium in-take. Foods don’t have to taste salty to contribute sodium to your diet. Check labels for sodium-containing ingredients in foods and beverages.

• Get moving. Try walking before and/or after you’ve had a large meal.

Besides being an excellent way to burn calories, physical activity provides significant health benefits, such as increased me-tabolism, increased bone strength and in-creased stress tolerance.

• Don’t deny yourself. Being mindful of caloric intake is a good idea.

However, don’t forget to treat yourself to a reasonable amount of your favorite treats. There are no forbidden foods, as long as you eat everything in moderation.

A balanced diet is best.

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