Trump said it back in 2013: He’s responsible for a federal shutdown


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

While appearing on “Fox and Friends” in 2013, Donald Trump was asked who should be fired for the government shutdown during that year. He said Obama should be fired because shutdowns begin at the top.

We just came out of the second month of our third Trump government shutdown because the adults in Congress declined to allocate money for Trump’s vanity border wall. He told U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer on live television that he would own the shutdown if he didn’t get his best wall ever.

However, he soon has his predictable hissy fit and is blaming the Democrats for the shutdown he precipitated.

For two years, on a daily basis, he has been exhibiting pathological character traits of lying, ego, megalomania, intransigence, taking credit for everything, lack of empathy, et cetera. Experts recognize these as traits of poor and ineffective leaders and may possibly denote mental illness.

Over Christmas he said he awarded a contract for 150 miles of border walls in Texas, and by law presidents cannot award contracts. How delusional is he? I hope for an early culmination of Robert Mueller’s investigation and a timely release of its report to the Congress and the American people. If the report is not favorable to the president, I hope that Congress will take the necessary steps to rid us of this dangerous, inept and self-serving man in the White House, along with his enablers, before they permanently damage our nation beyond the point of repair. Happy New Year and God help us every one.

Ed Olsen