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Time for Crestwood mayor to articulate plan

To the editor:

I’m sure throughout its storied history Route 66 has seen its share of ghost towns and if something dramatic doesn’t happen soon, I fear that Crestwood will take its place atop the list of infamous towns that exist only in history books.

Businesses are shuttering, the younger population is fleeing, one school has closed and, now, city staff is being reduced.

Unfortunately, our Board of Aldermen isn’t dealing with our most pressing problems because they’re constantly being distracted by renegade bands of contentious citizens more interested in undoing anything that’s been done previously rather than focusing on our future.

They fought the police station — and let the record show that project died because the bids came in over budget and not as a result of their efforts — they’ve challenged the legality of the Charter Commis-sion and, apparently, they’re also interested in recalling six of the eight aldermen.

All of this has happened on Mayor Rob-inson’s watch.

Now is your moment, mayor. You promised a plan, but four months into office have yet to articulate it so that all of Crest-wood could join together and move our city forward.

Until you do so, these divisive factions will continue to distract the city and continue to spread ill will throughout our neighborhoods. Fail to do so and we can only assume that these cantankerous groups are operating with your full support and that’s not serving the interests of all Crestwood residents.

Do something to end the acrimony, May-or Robinson, and do it soon. During the recent dry spells I could have sworn I saw a tumbleweed blowing down Watson Road.

I hope it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

Chris Pickel


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