Time for a rankings versus reality check for Mehlville

Letters to the Editor


It’s time for the rankings of the Mehlville School District to meet our reality. The Mehlville School District ranks 22 of 22 in the blended tax rate of St. Louis County school districts. The district ranks 21 of 22 in expenses per student, only outspending Riverview Gardens across St. Louis County.

Our children do not rank at the bottom. Our schools do not rank in the bottom. And our community does not belong at the bottom of any ranking. We must send a message to prospective employees of the Mehlville School District, to bus drivers, custodians, teachers, cooks, and carpenters, that Mehlville is a top-tier school district worthy of the investment of your career, and where you can become an integral part of the community.

The passage of Prop E sends that message. That’s why I’m voting yes for Prop E, because I believe the Mehlville School District is a high-quality school district that deserves to attract and retain the highest quality candidates.

Michelle Grotts