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There won’t be problems with U-Haul facility at Show Me Lanes


To the editor:

Oh boy, here we go again.

Show Me Lanes on Lemay Ferry Road has closed, and the owners want to sell the property. I hate to see Show Me go, but the owner has the right to sell out if he/she so chooses.

Now, here comes the glitch.

The buyers want to put a personal-storage facility on the site, and it will be four floors. Some nearby homeowners are upset over that type of facility being built at that location.

Keep in mind that the property surrounding Show Me Lanes is all commercial. To the south it’s a construction company. To the north it is many small businesses. To the west directly behind the property is Interstate 55.

To the east and across a four-lane state highway is a subdivision high on a hill and surrounded by so many trees that you really wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t looking for it.

This subdivision has some residents that say a storage facility is not suitable for location on the Show Me property. They say it will increase traffic on Lemay Ferry.

They say inexperienced drivers will be in and out of there all the time. They say it will be noisy.

A few years ago there was a Dunkin’ Donuts being built on Telegraph at Forder, and the same concerns were voiced by the residents of a subdivision next door.

More traffic, additional noise, bright lights. None of those things came about. Not one.

Also at Telegraph and Erb there was a senior citizen housing development being built, and again the residents were all up in arms saying it would increase traffic on Telegraph Road, there would be noise and the residents would be watching the children at the day care/preschool facility that would be right next door.

Again, none of these things came about with the possible exception of the residents watching the kids while they were playing at the day care. Heaven forbid senior citizens get some pleasure from watching children play.

My point is that there is nothing catastrophic that will happen when the storage facility is built.

The property is zoned commercial, and the owner should be able to sell it to whomever he likes. Of course he/she could abandon it and put “for sale” signs up, and then we could all watch the weeds grow up around it and the building fall into disrepair.

Go home folks, and cut your lawns and keep doing what you always have done.    

There won’t be a problem with that property when the new building is constructed.

There never is.

Gary Solovic


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