The positives and negatives of piercings

Letters to the Editor


To the editor

My name is Kyra Josse and I’m a student at Lindbergh High School.

Last semester in my anatomy class I have been studying the effects of piercings on people’s overall health. Through some research I have concluded the physical downsides to piercings along with they psychological benefits piercings have provided.

Piercings can sometimes give off a bad reputation, so I wanted to make people aware of the benefits along with the cons of piercings. As stated in my conclusion piercings can greatly increase mental health,happiness,individuality, culture awareness, and some physical ailments. The down sides to piercings is infections, financial costs, and the pain of a new wound/ the healing of it.

Due to piercings popularity in today’s society, I think it is important for people to be aware of the ways in which it positively and negatively affects a person’s health. Hopefully this can eventually affect the rules of piercings in work places so they can exist in a professional setting. After acquiring some knowledge on the topic, people can make decisions regarding their social media use that could greatly benefit their health.

Kyra Josse
Lindbergh High School