Superintendent bids farewell to Mehlville School District

By Eric D. Knost

After 12 very enjoyable years, I find my days in the Mehlville School District coming to a close.

Soon, the new challenge I have accepted will bring my departure from the schools, students, colleagues and friends who have been a major part of my life for many years.

I wouldn’t trade my time in Mehlville for anything. I remain proud of so many people and accomplishments, but I’m mostly honored to have been part of the true grit that defines how we go about our business on a daily basis. It’s about unity, and it’s about those who accept the charge.

I could easily list accomplishments, but I prefer to elevate people. I’ve been blessed to work alongside so many dedicated, hard-working individuals, and I am absolutely honored to have served as your superintendent, deputy superintendent and principal.

We all know change is inevitable and it provides a constant force in our lives. Change should not be viewed as something bad, but instead, a new beginning. I’ve been afforded the chance to be a part of many new beginnings in my years with this district and I’ve been pleased with the journey.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into my time here, and it has always been my intent to make a real difference in the lives of others. I’m convinced we have established a foundation of unity that offers a very bright and promising future for Mehlville Schools.

I truly do hope I’m leaving the district a little better than when I arrived over a decade ago. I am thankful for the numerous relationships established while valuing environments where kids and adults are made to feel extraordinary. I remain humbled by all of the support I’ve felt during my stay here in Mehlville.

Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to reminisce about the roads we’ve traveled or to simply offer a kind word. Let’s stay connected and committed in one of the most important missions of all, the mission of helping kids thrive in the world.

So long, good friends, and thanks for the wonderful memories.