Sunset Hills residents should oppose proposal by Pulte, Despotis

To the editor:

I urge every Sunset Hills property owner to attend the important Board of Aldermen meeting at 7 p.m. Dec. 13 at City Hall to oppose the petitions by Pulte Homes/Dr. George Despotis regarding the proposed zoning change from residential to commercial at West Watson Road and South Lindbergh Boulevard.

The entire community has expressed their adamant opposition to commercial for numerous years. The proposal has four residential lots on the private Court Drive. This development would force residents to have another street joining their private street with 20 villas and a credit union with a drive-thru ATM.

The plan would change many codes such as residential buffers, with property lines being reduced in their buffer zones from the normal 20 feet and 30 feet to a mere 10 feet, making the units very close together. The 20 units would sit on less than three acres after taking into account streets, common area and four storm basins.

This issue affects more than the adjoining homes if approved. The residential neighborhood surrounding the area will experience a hazardous increase in traffic due to the credit union and 20 villas, resulting in additional traffic nuisance and danger to all citizens.

If villas were the answer, they should be high-end villas like those of The Courtyards and Sunset Grove, as opposed to the row-type villas in this proposal. This is a residential neighborhood and the citizens should not be forced to have their neighborhood become commercial. Presently, we have over 30 lending/financial institutions in the area already. Do we really need another?

This area has been a residential area, always has been a residential area and should stay residential.

Vincent Lindwedel