Sunset Hills reader objects to Broughton letters and Better Together


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I see Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton is writing again.

It is not worth my time responding to his ramblings.

He is still in left field waiting to catch a flyball.

Plus, he was unopposed in the April election?

The people of Green Park deserve him.

The Better Together movement for a city-county merger was an affront to the people who live in the county.

Just a bad idea.

They are doing it to improve the status of St. Louis, not make better government.

St. Louis ranks third in the country for homicides. If they combine, it drops to a more acceptable number: 39th. The politicians have ruined the city of St. Louis with their slippery slope politics.

It has been terribly administered and certainly doesn’t need to be implemented in the county.

Let the city implode on itself.

Electing Lyda Krewson is a prime example.

A bleeding heart if there ever was one, who bends to whatever is the flavor of the day.

Better Together is just a bad, bad idea.

Not good for the county at all.

Self-serving for St. Louis only.

Ask yourself, why have 500,000 people moved out of St. Louis in the last 10 years? Because it is a bad place to live with no laws.

George Theodorakos
Sunset Hills