Sunset Hills eases sign restrictions during pandemic


Photo by Erin Achenbach

Curbside pickup was open at Helen Fitzgerald’s in Sunset Hills March 18.

By Erin Achenbach, Staff Repoter

The City of Sunset Hills has temporarily stopped enforcing ordinances regarding temporary banners and signs in front of businesses to allow businesses to continue to advertise carryout, curbside and pick-up services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Businesses such as restaurants and others who provide curbside, carryout or pick-up services will be allowed to keep temporary banners and signs advertising those services up until after the Labor Day holiday, when the city will then let them know they need to come back into compliance. 

At the June 23 Board of Aldermen meeting, City Administrator Eric Sterman told the board that the city had been “looking the other way” in enforcing the temporary signage ordinances considering the circumstances brought about by the pandemic. 

“As you are all aware, our code has restrictions on temporary signage … In many cases they’re prohibited, in some cases they’re permitted with a permit and certain limitations,” said Sterman. “Since the COVID pandemic … a number of businesses have placed a variety of signage by the road or in front of their businesses relative to updating customers on their status relative to the pandemic.” 

Sterman asked the board if there was any consensus on how long to “look the other way” regarding enforcement of temporary signage, suggesting either giving it until August or September before requiring businesses to come back into compliance. 

“I feel we need to give our business as much notoriety as we possibly can,” said Mayor Pat Fribis. 

Ward 3 Alderman Nathan Lipe echoed the mayor’s sentiments. 

“I think it just makes sense to let it go through summer,” said Lipe. “I’m not a big fan of it normally but at least through the end of the summer will be a fair shake for people.” 

At the suggestion of Board President Thompson Price, the board decided that after the Labor Day weekend, businesses would be required to come into compliance with their temporary signage.