Sunset Hills Burger King gets facelift, one of the first in the country

Location will add more than 30 new jobs to the area


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Sunset Hills’ Burger King location reopened last month after a four-month hiatus. 

The location at 10734 Sunset Hills Plaza reopened July 12 and is one of the first in the world to feature the company’s new retro, open plan design. 

Owner Henry Delouvrier said Sunset Hills was chosen as a flagship location because it is one of the original Burger Kings in the St. Louis area. The new building features a cleaner and easier to navigate parking lot, completely new cooking and ordering equipment and an entirely new building.

“(The old building) was outdated. It had this old playground that became a hazard and the parking lot was totally confusing and downtrodden,” Delouvrier said. “(The old building) was kind of shoved in the corner, and we put the new one more in the center, which helps with the visibility and the flow (of the parking lot).”

The original Burger King was built in 1985 and was 3,130 square feet. The new building is slightly smaller at 3,040. 

Delouvrier said not every new Burger King will feature the new design, but a lot of existing locations should see an update of some kind, including implementing new menu boards, uniforms and signage.

The reopening of the Sunset Hills location, four months of being closed for construction, adds more than 30 new jobs to the area. General Manager Jamie Zufall said about eight workers carried over from when it was last open. 

Delouvrier, who is the co-founder of Broadway Restaurant Group, said the group offers a $1,000 scholarship each year to an employee or an employee’s family member at one of their 66 locations in Missouri and Illinois. Zufall said the scholarship was awarded to employees at Sunset Hills a couple times in her tenure there, most notably to a high school student who worked there for several years and applied going into college.