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Sunset Hills aldermen support Fribis for ‘what she has done and continues to do’

Letter to the Editor

To the editor and residents:

Sunset Hills Alderman Dee Baebler keeps suggesting that Mayor Pat Fribis was the only one who knew about the Winter Brothers’ flood-plain project before the construction began. She also alleges the mayor “hid” the project from the aldermen.

All of the aldermen, including Baebler, knew about this project for over nine months prior to the January 2020 board meeting. Baebler has never offered any proposals for changes to the flood-plain standards or to the Winter Brothers project.

The Winter Brothers flood-plain project concept plan was originally presented with multiple attachments at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting held May 1, 2019. At that meeting, the Winter Brothers concept plan was laid out in detail and discussed. As an alderman, we were all emailed a copy of the Planning and Zoning agenda that listed the Winter Brothers’ project proposal and all project plans and attachments on April 26, 2019. Our responsibility as aldermen is to keep ourselves informed of committee meetings, and to read what is sent to us by the city.

The fact is, Mayor Fribis has made proposals for changes to the flood-plain standards both in September of 2019 and most recently in 2020 that are much more restrictive than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers standards and guidelines that allow fill in a flood plain.

So my question is since Baebler has been an alderman for some 10 years, why has she not brought forward any recommendations or suggestions that would address the very concerns she is complaining about with the mayor?

Baebler has also complained that the mayor does not listen to residents but only does what she wants. As an alderman for five years working with the mayor, I must say that is not what I see. The mayor is to follow the recommendations of the Board of Aldermen and give insight when she feels the need to express her desires and concerns.

The Tidal Wave car wash, Jimmy Johns, cluster homes and the rugby lease are just a few of the things Baebler complains about where supposedly the mayor has not listened to residents.

All of the aldermen listen to the residents, however we are to represent the entire city, not just the ward we are in. We cannot make decisions based on a few people who think that a certain project will not be good for them.

In closing I want to share that six of the eight aldermen support Mayor Fribis 100 percent for what she has done and continues to do for the city.

Steve Bersche
Sunset Hills alderman, Ward 2

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