Sunset Hills aldermen are ‘excellent leaders,’ letter writers say

To the editor:

At the Dec. 9 meeting of the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen, my husband and I each submitted a request-to-speak form.

We are longtime residents of Sunset Hills. I’ve lived here since 1982; my husband since 1954. But we were not permitted to speak because the mayor, Mark Furrer, deemed the speaker request cards to be fraudulent — although he had no evidence of that.

In order to be heard, I am submitting a portion of the speech that I had prepared for the meeting.

Referring to a bicyclist legally riding on a Sunset Hills road, Mayor Furrer stated to the media that he “knows better than to engage those people.” As an avid cyclist and resident of Sunset Hills, I am one of “those people.” My husband is also one of “those people.”

The dismissive tone of the mayor’s statement makes it clear he would be disinclined to represent “those people” — me, my husband and the other bicycle riders in Sunset Hills — in any fair, respectful and effective way.

To the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen, I wish to state that you have shown yourselves to be excellent leaders in Sunset Hills.

You’ve demonstrated your commitment to pursue and support whatever is best for Sunset Hills. You have a very tough job to do.

Please know that we will support whatever decisions you make on our behalf.