Sullivan reads letter from MSD spokesman ‘with considerable disbelief’

To the editor:

It was with considerable disbelief that I read the letter to the Call from Lance LeComb, manager of public information for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, or MSD.

In referring to a woman from Webster Groves who was unceremoniously kicked out of the Sept. 12 MSD Board of Trustees meeting, LeComb wrote she was treated “respectfully and politely.”

The resident has had a considerable sewer problem for some time and mistakenly believed that telling her story to the MSD board might help to get the problem resolved. The lady was interrupted by MSD Chairman James Buford, who said there wasn’t a need to give her entire statement. She wanted to tell her whole story, but Buford didn’t want to listen, though it would have only taken a few minutes more.

The cowardly Buford then ordered security to stop the resident from continuing to speak. Two armed male guards, each of whom appeared to weigh more than 200 pounds, approached the woman, who was of slight build.

With one pulling her by the arm and the other pushing her, the woman was forcibly removed from the board room and taken out of the building. Hardly anyone would think she was treated “respectfully and politely.”