Students share research on soda; important to be aware of its effect

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Our names are Mariclaire and Lexi and we are students at Lindbergh High School. This year in our anatomy class we have been studying the effects of soft drinks on the overall health of people.

After much investigation, we have concluded that while soda could potentially be helpful to some in limitation, it is very harmful to one’s health. We would like to start by acknowledging the positive way soda could help a person: By drinking a soft drink, the high acidity in the carbonation in the drink acts like a gastric aid and can ease severe abdominal pain, break down blockages and ease digestion. Also, the low levels of caffeine have been shown to improve brain function, help to focus and can make workouts even stronger and more effective. Similar to a cup of coffee, it can give a good amount of stimulation.

However, there are many ways that soda can negatively affect one’s overall health. The recommended daily intake of sugar is 10 teaspoons a day; therefore a can of Coca-Cola contains three times as much recommended. The increased levels of sugar cause the body to produce an excessive amount of insulin, and the liver starts to convert the excess sugar into fat. In addition, phosphoric acid gets attached to magnesium, calcium and zinc followed by an overall decrease in calcium levels in the body and frequent urination.

At this stage, water and other important electrolytes are depleted since these are excreted from the body. Also, soda affects the density of bones; it can interfere with calcium absorption. Lastly, soda can cause many diseases within the body like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even some cancers.

Due to sodas’ prevalence around the world, we believe it is important for one to be aware of the effects of soda — both positive and negative. After gaining knowledge on the effects of soda on one’s body, one can make the decision regarding drinking soda and how it affects one’s health.

Mariclaire Costa

Alexis Geissert
Lindbergh High School