Student happy to be back in class, hopes things return to normal soon


To the editor:

Hi, I am Nathan. I am 13 years old and I go to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. I have been in boy scouts for 6 years. I am currently working on the Communications Merit Badge. 

Last school year I had to wear masks at school all the time. I did not mind it as much as some other kids, but it started to get annoying towards the end of the school year.  

I think that all the kids that are vaccinated should not have to wear masks, but the kids that are not vaccinated should have to wear masks. I did not like that we were not allowed to switch classes because we were not able to leave our seat at all. Instead, the teachers had to bring all of their stuff to us.

 I liked how SMMA let us choose if we wanted to learn in person or virtually. I prefer in-person learning because I get to see my friends. I also get more distracted at home when doing virtual learning.

 I hope things go back to normal this school year.

Nathan Callahan