Stay connected to community with The Call


By Deborah Baker, Publisher

Wherever we find ourselves since the economic shut down of 2020, we are all adapting to change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Call Newspapers combined its four newspapers under one name or masthead, the St. Louis Call. The Call continues to mail our readers free every month. Up to 80,000 local homes are mailed free each month. On alternating weeks our newspapers have grown to 5,000 mailed addresses to rotating parts of The Call’s coverage area. 

The free OnCall newsletter is an option, expanded to reach readers during the pandemic. The emailed newsletter has helped readers stay connected to their community. If you have the ability to go to Call Newspapers’ website at, you will be greeted by a pop up on your screen. Simply fill in your email address and you will begin receiving the free OnCall newsletter and be able to read local news as it is happening in the community.

The Call’s staff is happy to assist anyone in using The Call’s website. The Missouri Press Association recognized our website when it was one of the first available in the state in the early 2000s.

Many of our readers say “but, I don’t want to or can’t read my newspaper online.” So, another option available is a paid subscription that provides mail delivery weekly. The cost for the annual subscription is $36 … $3 per month, with a portion donated to the St. Louis Community Foundation.

The weekly Call is also available in limited store, library and community center stacks across the area. The St. Louis Call is delivered to store stacks Wednesdays. A list of where to find newspaper store stacks is available in this issue on Page 20A. A paid mail subscription form as well as an opportunity to win a free subscription are also included on Page 22A.

As the Call’s team continues to address ways to reach readers, we welcome’ feedback. Editor Erin Achenbach discusses the return of letters to the editor in print every week or every other week on this page. We understand how much our readers enjoy the Opinion Page or as I like to refer to as the people’s page. We have a strong following with strong opinions.

For all the pivots created by COVID-19, President Abraham Lincoln’s historical words provide guidance… “The struggle of today is not altogether for today—it is for a vast future also.”