Some residents in South County will receive new tax bill after being overcharged

By Staff Report

Some South County residents will soon be receiving a new property tax bill in the mail after St. Louis County used an incorrect rate to calculate bills.

About 15,300 residents living in the Gravois Creek Sewer District will receive a new residential property tax bill after the county incorrectly used a higher tax rate from the Metropolitan Sewer District. According to Collector of Revenue Mark Devore, MSD submitted the residential real property tax of .06 per $100 of assessed value for residents in the Gravois Creek district, however the tax rate was calculated at .6 per $100 of assessed value when the county prepared the bills.

Those who have already paid the bill will be credited for the overpayment on next year’s bill or a refund can be requested. County officials say bank mortgage escrow accounts have already been corrected.

For more information about the bills, visit Residents can also view the updated bills with the correct rate at the same web address. For any further questions regarding property tax bills, call 314-615-5500.