Some Board of Education candidates are “cherry-picking” data

Letters to the Editor


To the editor: 

Some candidates in Lindbergh’s Board of Education election are amplifying cherry-picked school rankings as evidence that Lindbergh is “failing” its students. Don’t let the scare tactics cloud the fact that Lindbergh remains a destination district for many families and continues to rank highly across many metrics. To call Lindbergh failing, when there are districts in the metro area that are truly struggling is frankly, gross, in my opinion.

Voters don’t have to choose between literacy and academic achievement OR diversity and inclusion in the upcoming election. There are excellent candidates that foster both. Jennifer Miller and Julia Voss are getting our vote because they are fair-minded and offer a balanced, pragmatic, inclusive and cooperative approach towards continuous improvement across ALL areas of the district for ALL students.

To our family, a “good school” is one where students are challenged academically, feel secure and learn how to be engaged and empathetic citizens. Lindbergh has been that for us. I believe Miller and Voss are the best candidates to continue the tradition of excellence in our district. Please consider the entire picture when you vote on April 5 and don’t succumb to doomsday rhetoric from divisive candidates with dubious intentions.

Andrea Durway
Grantwood Village