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‘Small shell of a city,’ Green Park, undermining the American worker

To the editor:

A little over 10 years ago, a nice section of south county was incorporated under the guise of getting away from the “big machine” of St. Louis County government.

This was in the eyes and hearts of those whom hoodwinked, beguiled and misled some real nice people into this facade of a city, a fourth-class city at that.

Large wooded areas and their natural inhabitants were destroyed. Homes were subsequently and erroneously built under power lines. These home buyers were innocently unaware of the prevalent hazards from the electromagnetic fields.

I’ve seen a real good neighborhood systematically destroyed by the city of Green Park by allowing an unprecedented amount of traffic to use this once peaceful and tranquil subdivision — Ronnie Hills. I’ve tried to compile a list of all the blessings we have derived from the city of Green Park, but I could not come up with any.

From the get-go, every Green Park ad-ministration has been more macabre and alien to the resident than the prior one.

A few years ago, over $300,000 was wasted on sealing streets. A Band-Aid doesn’t work when you need stitches. You don’t put a new saddle on a horse with a broken leg. But if you are a Green Park employee, you might get an award or scholarship for someone in your family. Or if you have a business, you won’t have to pay a license fee for your business like they do in other cities.

Now the city of Green Park wants to pick our trash-hauling company for us. God bless them, each and everyone. We don’t want nor do we need our trash company chosen for us.

Some of us served in armed military conflicts against this, and some are still serving and giving their lives to stop this type of regime. I have had Waste Management — formerly Meramec Hauling — for over 15 years. The employees are union — UAW, I believe. It is my right and choice to buy and patronize a company that employs union workers. What does this say about the ethics of the city of Green Park?

They — Green Park officials — are on the move to take away work from hard-working, God-fearing, professional union workers and give it to a non-union company, American Eagle. Does Green Park have scab fever? Is the city of Green Park a Wal-Mart understudy? It is my right to support and patronize union workers.

Hasn’t NAFTA, GATT and Wal-Mart done enough to undermine the American worker? Now a small shell of a city, Green Park, is undermining the American worker.

The Green Park City Hall should be picketed by the UAW.

Mike “Grassroots” Povich

Green Park

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