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School choice could cause neighboring districts to become ‘battling districts’

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

This letter is in response to an article that appeared in the Feb. 23 print edition of the St. Louis Call: “Mehlville BOE is against open enrollment legislation

If I am a dissatisfied parent in District A, what are my choices concerning my children’s education?

One, I can petition my district to place my child in another District A school if I provide transportation.

Two, I can get involved with the District A school board to pursue district changes.

Three, I can move to District B.

Open Enrollment would present another option.

Request admittance of my child to District B. State of Missouri educational financial support would follow my child.

What are some problems with this? District A would lose my state funds, but continue to collect my Property Tax funds; District B would gain my state funds. District A would suffer with less state revenue to serve remaining students.

District boundaries could begin to disintegrate. More students leave District A. District A struggles to maintain and compete. The open enrollment plan is dependent on surrounding Districts B, C and D willingness to accept students from District A. Neighboring school districts become battling districts.

The Missouri Legislature, which poorly funds education now, will ignore new problems created and blame District A for poor performance.

Karl H. Zickler

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