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Returning mayor and aldermen sworn in at Green Park, and one new alderman

New Ward 2 alderman was one of 13 write-in candidates
Green Park City Hall

The Green Park Board of Aldermen swore in returning members and one new alderman at its meeting last week.

Mayor Tim Thuston, Ward 1 Alderman Carol Hamilton and Ward 3 Alderman Joe Monteleone, all incumbents, were sworn in April 17 after the municipal elections this month.

One new alderman, Tammy Witzig of Ward 2, was also sworn into office.

There was one “official” competitive race in Green Park this year between Thuston and Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton. Broughton previously challenged Thuston for the mayoral seat unsuccessfully in 2021.

In Ward 2 there were only write-in candidates after no one filed before the deadline in December. There was a total of 13 write-in candidates for Ward 2 alderman and 77 votes. Witzig won with 56 of those votes.

Board amends city code to regulate fencing

The board voted unanimously to amend its city code to regulate fencing. Those changes included eliminating fences from the definition of yard fixtures, and adding definitions for permanent and temporary fencing. Fencing that is prohibited is one or more strand wires, cloth or other canvas-like material, makeshift materials and barbed wire. Fences existing before April 17 may remain as legal non-conforming.

City code amended to regulate marijuana

The board voted 6-1 to amend the city code pertaining to recreational marijuana after it was made legal statewide by a constitutional amendment in November 2022. The change to the city code removes medical marijuana and replaces it simply with marijuana. There are currently no facilities in Green Park, however, the city must update its code to comply with the state constitution. 

“Because of (the amendment), the city can’t, without a vote of the people, can’t completely ban it. The way the constitutional amendment was written, you could not have a vote to ban that use until November 2024,” City Attorney Paul Rost said. “What you have is basically extending the same rules that you had for medical marijuana to go now with the other marijuana uses.”

Ward 2 Alderman Ron Slattery questioned if the board could vote against amending its code. Rost said it was in the power of the board, however the city would then be violating the state constitution.

“You’re telling me the state can tell the city of Green Park what to do?” Slattery questioned.

“This was your fellow citizens in St. Louis County, in Jackson County, in Green County, that all voted to amend the constitution,” Rost replied.

The amendment passed last November 53.1% to 46.9% statewide and Rost reminded the aldermen that some of them had just taken an oath of office to uphold the Missouri Constitution.

“I think the City of Green Park could vote against it … I think it would be in our best interest for the citizens of Green Park not to have to make them into a situation where their health may be jeopardized and their livelihood being jeopardized,” Slattery said.

“We just took a pledge … to uphold the constitution of the state of Missouri … We swore to follow and comply with the laws that were written … for the state of Missouri,” Thuston said. “The state of Missouri, whether we liked it or not, you liked it not, it was voted in.”

The board voted 6-1 to approve the amendments to its code, with Broughton, Hamilton, Monteleone, Witzig and Ward 3 Alderman Martin Finn in favor. Slattery was opposed.

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