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Research candidates prior to voting in April 4 election

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

With this issue, the Call kicks off its coverage for the April 4 municipal, school board and fire board elections.

Contested races include:

• Green Park, where former Ward 1 Alderman Tony Pousosa is challenging incumbent Bob Reinagel for the mayoral post.

• Sunset Hills, where Nathan Lipe and Lori Scarlett are vying for the Ward 3 aldermanic seat being vacated by Keith Kostial.

• Lindbergh Schools, where nine candidates are vying for four seats on the Board of Education.

Seven candidates — Cathy Carlock Lorenz, board President Kathleen “Kathy” Kienstra, board Treasurer Vicki Lorenz Englund, Christy Watz, Daniel Sampson, Matt Alonzo and Jennifer Bird — are seeking three three-year seats. Martha Duchild and Mike Shamia are seeking a seat that carries a one-year term.

• The Mehlville School District, where four candidates are seeking three seats on the Board of Education — board Vice President Jean Pretto, board President Samantha Stormer, Peggy Hassler and Michelle Pommer.

• The Mehlville Fire Protection District, where Jane Kolb is challenging incumbent Aaron Hilmer for a six-year seat on the Board of Directors.

As April 4 approaches, we urge voters to pay close attention, as some candidates have already made and will continue to make wild claims and accusations that are not rooted in fact.

Some of these candidates will make such claims without even bothering to do any firsthand research, instead relying on such sources as the internet to bolster their false claims.

After all, if it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

Such sloppy research is a real cause for concern. If candidates cannot perform the proper research during a political campaign, what criteria will they use to formulate their stances on the critical decisions they will make as elected officials?

We also believe voters should pay very close attention to individuals and organizations backing candidates.

Are candidates being backed by special-interest groups that perhaps are looking for something in return or have their own agenda for a governmental entity that may be contrary to what’s best for the entire community?

That’s up for voters to decide. That’s why we encourage them to learn as much as they can about the candidates who are seeking election April 4.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “The best defense of democracy is an informed electorate.”

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