Relieved to see Anthony moving on from ‘vendetta’ against Kostial

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

It’s a welcome relief to open the Opinions page of the Call and see Executive Editor Mike Anthony voice his opinion about someone other than Keith Kostial, the former alderman of Ward 3 in Sunset Hills.

I know I got tired of reading these opinions.

For some reason, Mike Anthony had a vendetta against Keith Kostial. It seemed that every other week Mr. Anthony would find something to “go off” on Keith Kostial about.

I know there were issues regarding Mr. Kostial being out of town for many meetings. However, Kostial made every effort to participate in meetings via Skype. It certainly wasn’t his fault that the technology used by Sunset Hills did not work.

When Keith Kostial was elected, he did not have a job that would entail being out of town so much. I know he put much time and effort into representing Ward 3 and trying to provide the best for Sunset Hills.

Mr. Kostial would think “outside the box.” I am sorry he is not our alderman, but I am sure Nathan Lipe will do a good job.

Thank you, Mr. Anthony, for moving on.

Ann Ludlow

Sunset Hills