MOU organizer asks residents to vote to upgrade schools with a ‘zero-tax-rate increase’

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

It’s simple, really. The Mehlville School District’s Proposition S bond issue on the April 6 ballot is a zero-tax-rate increase. It is a reallocation of funds that are already being paid by the taxpayer. Because of oversight, it requires a vote by the people. Secondly, parents have communicated that safety is the No. 1 concern for their children. Our schools do not have safe entrances. Prop S will provide our schools with safe entrances that our parents and our community want. 

Thirdly, our school district cannot sustain on little to no maintenance. Just like our homes, our schools need upgrades to air filtration, roofing, parking lots, lighting and transportation, to name a few.

Prop S will be able to provide that and more. Multiple independent firms have come out and said what Superintendent Chris Gaines and the district are doing is a step in the right direction. Many would argue it is the only direction to go at this point. Finally, it is because of fiscal responsibility that we are able to ask the

community to approve this bond. The Mehlville School District is the only district in St. Louis County that has not had a bond issue pass in the past 20 years. We are behind.

Besides home, school is the one place my children spend the most amount of time. And like their homes, I want school to be just as safe. We need to invest in our district. We need to invest in our community. Every resident in the Mehlville School District should have a vested interest in Prop S and do their part on April 6 to make sure this bond passes.

Rebecca Bahora

Editor’s note: Ms. Bahora is the organizer of the Mehlville-Oakville United Committee, the campaign committee that is in favor of Mehlville’s Proposition S.