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Reader’s heart sank reading about Lindbergh’s administrative raises

To the editor:

I always look forward to the Call Newspaper to find out what is going on in our neighborhood and especially in the Lindbergh School District.

My children all attended or are attending Kennerly Elementary School and now our two oldest daughters are at Sperreng Middle School. We have indeed been blessed to be part of this great school district called Lindbergh.

However, my heart sank this morning, and that is why I am writing to you for the first time in 19 years living in our south county home: Lindbergh Superintendent Jim Simpson received a 5-percent salary increase and a majority of Lindbergh School District administrators received salary increases ranging from 2 percent to roughly 2.6 percent.

That doesn’t include such other benefits as an individual insurance package with health, hospitalization, dental, vision and life benefits.

My wife is a 31-year employee with her company and didn’t receive even close to these salaries.

I live on Social Security benefits. You don’t even want to hear what I make per year.

I am so disappointed in all the rhetoric about keeping increases down in the Lindbergh School District. Have we all been duped behind our backs?

The Internet said this morning that more than 560,000 Americans are unemployed.

What don’t I understand about these salaries I read about?

Someone please help me understand this. Thank you.

Kenneth G. Delap

south county

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