Reader will continue to oppose ‘outrageous tax hikes’

To the editor:

I just moved to Oakville about two years ago and there are some things I don’t understand. Including this November, I will have voted in four elections this year and in each one someone was asking for more money.

I commend the Call for letting the voters know of the financial irresponsibility of these districts. I thought the newly elected Mehlville school board would make some changes, but they did more of the same: Tax, spend and soften us up for another tax hike.

How can they say they have no money when I just read that they spent close to $2 million on artificial turf for the fields?

Where was that money in February when they said they were broke? I think the school districts keep digging deeper holes with no way out.

I’ve read in the Call about the two board members at the fire district who cut our taxes and improved services. Why can’t these other boards do the same?

I think it’s ironic when the schools tell us that we can’t afford not to pass the tax increases because our house values will go down. I say that if they all would have passed, I couldn’t afford to live here. Oakville residents, please continue to say “no” to these outrageous tax hikes.

Joel Hemme