Reader wants Green Park to have consideration for its Concord neighbors

I read with amazement the article concerning the proposed developments on South Lindbergh Boulevard, particularly the QuikTrip development at East Concord Road.

This proposal also includes a fast-food restaurant. This part of Lindbergh is very heavily traveled and cars entering Lindbergh from East Concord and Von Talge often have to wait because of the gridlock created by the Costco traffic and the Interstate 55-Lindbergh interchange. Changing the signal to a four-way at East Concord would make the signal cycle longer and create more delays.

Of course, Green Park officials are not worried about this as they have no residents in that area, but the thousands of other citizens of south county would be greatly inconvenienced. Green Park just has to worry about increasing its tax revenue. Please, Green Park, have some consideration for the rest of south county — no more high-traffic development on South Lindbergh.

Alan Haker