Reader wants detailed financial analysis of proposed choice school

To the editor:

After reading the article “Mehlville panel eyes financial impact if district opens school of innovation,” I thought maybe the congresswoman from the “Golden State” was having some input into this decision.

We need to open it before we know what it will cost — I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Then again, it’s not their money they are playing with.

A major undertaking of this type and not one person on the administration or school board can produce a single budget of what this will cost, not to mention a cost-benefit analysis to compare the several options addressed in this article.

Oh sure, the district’s Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer Marshall Crutcher will work on a list of costs.

This is the same crew that forecast doom and gloom if Prop R didn’t pass. Guess what, they sandbagged you taxpayers, so now they have quite a surplus — over a million dollars, I believe.

Officials say the funding for this school will not come from Prop R funds. Yeah, well if you liked your doctor, you can keep your doctor. You know how that turned out.

I am all for new ways of teaching and innovation, but until this district can present a detailed financial analysis, not just a list of costs, on the options for this school, then taxpayers will just have to keep in mind that it is business as usual at the Mehlville School District.

Greg Frigerio