Reader thanks newspaper, Trakas for preventing apartment building


Letters to the Editor

Traffic on Highway 21 seems to be much worse this year for the morning commute, especially from Suson Hills to Interstate 270.

I wanted to thank The Call for it not being even worse. The Call was instrumental in allowing our community to stop a major 232-unit apartment complex at Bauer and 21 back in 2016.

That entire deal was corrupt from the beginning. Steve Stenger received tens of thousands of dollars from builders and developers, who were going to be able to build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted. Around here, we knew Steve Stenger was a criminal back then. The people that recently wanted to make him our regional mayor without even a vote either don’t care about the way he operated or are utterly clueless if they didn’t know what he was about. Back to the compliment though. The community rallied together, yet without the help of The Call getting the message out, we would have been steamrolled.

I would also like to thank 6th District Councilman Ernie Trakas. He has stated that whatever ends up being developed on that property must have the support of the surrounding community or he will not allow it to go forward. On this, he has never wavered.

So while the traffic has been bad, we can thank you both that it is not even worse. Please keep up the great work.

Bob Mahacek