Reader says Lindbergh is on the wrong track

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Is the Lindbergh Board of Education (BOE) on the Right or Wrong Track? I would submit the BOE is on the wrong track. We need to take a candid sober assessment of the Lindbergh School District. Consider the proceeding to serve this purpose in short form. Let’s distill this assessment down to some quintessential questions. 


By any objective measure, there has been a material, substantive slide in the performance of the Lindbergh School District. Concentration, focus manifested through discipline, must drive an agenda based upon performance. When the full light of scrutiny is cast in the dark corners of the current state of the district, change will occur. The parents, taxpayers will ultimately take back their school district. 

The first step to getting back on the right track is the school board election on April 5, 2022. I urge you to vote for Carrie Clay and David Randelman.

John O’Fallon Bell