Reader responds to letter comparing MFPD to ‘uncaring’ utility

To the editor:

The recent letter from David Factor of Concord certainly went a long way to compare the rescue of a misguided individual to an “uncaring” for-profit energy company.

Mr. Factor seems to think that since the individuals working for the Mehlville Fire Protection District were successful in rescuing someone, in essence, doing their jobs properly, that this should mean that the local electric utility should care and be committed to his agenda.

While everyone is for a cleaner environment, how those goals are reached is what is at question. If it were as simple as saying: “Use more renewable energy,” that would be great.

Would the writer allow the Meramec or Mississippi rivers to be dammed, creating renewable energy? Does he care about the birds killed by wind turbines, or would he want his neighbor’s front yard filled with solar panels?

Is he willing to pay twice as much for his monthly electric bill so his utility can meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements?

My guess is no on all of the above.

There is an environmental impact to every energy source. Few stop to look at all of the underlying issues.

It’s easy to wish for a clean, wonderful world while sitting at home. It’s much harder to be the one who has to address the concerns of both consumers and increasing government regulations and mandates.

As an aside, I hope that the rescued individual spends some time in jail for his unlawful activities, and gets a bill for the life saving services provided by the MFPD.

Or do we all get to pay for that, too?