Reader offers solution to resident’s concern of disgusting trash cart

To the editor:

Regarding Joe M. Garavaglia’s recent letter, if he is so distressed with the prospect of having to use a disgusting, dirty, slimy and moldy cart for his trash, recycling or yard waste, perhaps I have a solution.

How about washing it out every now and then? I use this technique to great effect, and enjoy the nice shiny cart that I wheel to the curb thereafter. If in the process one deploys the contents of one of the boutique-scented, hand-soap dispensers that seem to accumulate around the house so effortlessly immediately following Christmas, it will even afford it a nice and pleasing aroma.

I tend to prefer the Peppermint Stick variety, but Warm Vanilla Sugar, Gardenia and other scents should yield satisfactory results as well.

As for his neighbors’ carts: I see opportunity here. Perhaps he — or some enterprising youth — could start a cart-washing business. If you build it, they — and their money — will come.