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Reader offended by label of ‘deranged right-winger,’ responds


To the editor:

This is a response to the May 3 letter of Jim Kaznica, who is part of this country’s problem of labeling everyone to the left or right.

I am very offended by the label of “deranged right-winger,” in fact so much that I think he should offer his resignation to whatever and whomever he is a part of. Maybe we should impeach him. Now let’s be serious and respond in a rational response.

We the people that elected President Donald Trump did so out of desperation because the Republicans that were running were all of the status-quo “swamp” group.

The Democrats had two runners that had to be the worst picks they could find. Now that Mr. Trump is our elected president, the American people should give him some rein and watch the outcome. Even with all of the Democratic BS going on, he is “Making America Great Again.”

The writer of the nasty letter talks about liberals. They are the authors of the political correctness and the “let’s not do anything to hurt someone’s feelings, if it feels good, do it.”

That has stymied the effectiveness of background checks that were designed to stop the wrong people from getting guns.

Then to help the bad guys find places that they could do their dastardly deeds, we put up signs that say “No Guns Allowed.”

But yet he thinks that a sign stating that there were persons on site that are armed would not do any good. Give me a break.

Then he talks about the Florida shooter —  I will not give him press time by using his name. If the FBI was doing their job and the police were allowed to hurt his feelings, he would not have had a gun.

No one has ever suggested that any teacher should be forced to carry a gun in school. When I went in the service, I was taught to use a gun. Lucky for me I knew how.

More secure buildings could be another answer. Oh, but we don’t want our kiddos to think they have to go through metal detectors.

The writer also referenced a Harvard study about guns. I believe he took that study out of context.

The study reported that only a small percentage of killings by guns could be stopped. There are several studies that state that gun control will not stop these killings.

Remember the bad guys don’t obey the law. Maybe we should adopt an Obama-era idea that will surely stop crime. Let’s start a hashtag, #dontshootanyone.

In this morning’s daily newspaper, a judge in Florida just ruled that a person with a background of interest in school and Las Vegas shooters was denied permission to buy a gun. The judge overruled that and allowed him to purchase a gun. Now there is another case of the liberal attitude to a very serious problem.

Well Mr. Liberal, you asked for responses. Here is one.

Bill Kuhlmann

south county

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