Reader gives reminder that no matter who you are, everyone pays taxes


To the editor:

I was very pleased to read Erin Achenbach’s editorial supporting trans youth in the April 28 issue of The Call. 

I am writing to remind other readers that no matter who you are, you know a person who is queer, transgender or questioning their identity. We are ordinary people who live, work, vote and pay taxes alongside you. 

If you cannot oppose anti-LGBT laws on empathetic grounds, I implore you to oppose them based on the simple unfairness of having one’s own tax dollars used to persecute them via biased legislation. Why must I pay our legislators to pass laws that harm me, and do not help anyone else?

If you cannot oppose these laws on the basis of fairness, at least consider that your  tax money is wasted, too, when the state pays lawyers to unsuccessfully defend these unconstitutional and discriminatory laws in court.

Please be kind and support your LGBT neighbors in this troubled time – we care about you, too!