Reader dismayed she was only citizen at Crestwood’s strategic planning

I would like to thank the Crestwood Board of Aldermen, the mayor and city staff for all of their hard work in stabilizing the city financially, while also moving the city forward.

They continue to dedicate themselves and their personal time so that Crestwood will continue to be a proud city. Every month, the aldermen attend Board of Aldermen meetings, subcommittee meetings and work sessions and spend time preparing and researching issues concerning the city and meeting with residents. They are working very hard and deserve the citizens’ thanks.

Recently, an additional strategic-planning session took place Sept. 26 and Sept. 27. I attended, but was dismayed that no other citizen did.

This was an excellent opportunity for the public to not only comment on Crestwood’s goals and direction, but to help determine them. Many complaints have been voiced concerning the value and cost of these sessions, and yet none of those people were there to witness the sessions themselves.

Many people, including myself, have expressed concerns regarding the state of the mall, the Watson Road corridor and the stagnation of the city.

I find it disappointing that these concerned citizens are eager to complain about the Crestwood government, but when given a chance to participate in that government, they elected to stay home.

Karen Rainey