Reader disappointed in the appearance and upkeep of St. Louis city


To the editor:

I was disappointed with the way a big city like St. Louis, presents itself to people visiting St. Louis. 

We were leaving our home to venture downtown to Union Station. The roads to get there were like going through rough neighborhoods. The roads had so much trash and made you feel unsafe. 

St. Louis, wake up. Even our city hall is shameful being so dirty looking.

 I have been in several big cities and none have looked as trashy or dirty. If I came here for the first time for business or pleasure, it would be my last.

 If St. Louis doesn’t know how to spend surplus money, why not make our city a showcase, not just the Arch or other famous attractions.

 I would be embarrassed to take out-of-town visitors on the roads downtown. Bring back the downtown where you wanted to get dressed up and head down and feel proud of our great city, and safe.

Elizabeth Kawelaske