Reader challenges Mehlville residents to speak up with the truth

To the editor:

Do you believe everything that is presented in this community paper as fact? If so, I challenge you to look deeper at issues that are brought before you and not let people try to sway you with emotionally charged language and repeated dredging up of problems that perhaps happened decades ago.

In the April 9 Call,

that Ken Meyer, a co-founder of the Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association, took aim at Superintendent Norm Ridder, whom Meyer alleged led a “bullying event presented by the MNEA (Mehlville National Education Association) against the Mehlville taxpayers” at the March 11 board meeting. Meyer claims to represent you and me, the “silent majority of Mehlville residents.”

He also referenced “outside people involved,” and that the superintendent used his position and authority to motivate a large number of teachers to speak. He claims that the teachers are telling “horror stories” to their students and scaring our children. I think this sounds a lot more like a bully tactic than anything I’ve observed about Dr. Ridder.

I’ve seen him in action as he has led a parent forum I’ve served on this school year. He has also worked with teams of students and staff from throughout the district to gather information that was merged with information from the state, various polling of community members, and district financial records to create the comprehensive strategic plan that you can

. Along with data and comparisons, you’ll find recommendations for $4 million and $8 million deficits. I think our community members are intelligent enough to read these documents and make their own decisions about how to address them. I hope that

reads these plans since he believes there is no priority for reducing existing debt.

I may have been “silent” in the past, but no longer. I challenge others to speak up with truth as well. The facts speak louder than any opinion.