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Reader asks why Call gives space to Broughton’s anti-Trump views


To the editor:

Why does this publication give a crackpot like Michael K. Broughton a regular platform?

His over-the-top constant rattle, his obvious hatred for President Donald Trump, his regular references to dictators and the same utterances and sounds of his ever-beating drum, letter after letter, weigh on the validity of this newspaper and its ability to be considered legitimate and unbiased.

Amazing how during the eight years of President Barack Obama’s reign, rarely was a conservative allowed to spew such hate and inaccuracies so frequently in this publication.

Maybe conservatives were not so “small” as to constantly berate a man who functioned so poorly as commander in chief.  Subsequently, that left the Call little thought to print,  or submissions were simply rejected for publication, never to be seen by readers.

In conclusion, surely you can find content that is worthy of print besides the rants of Mr. Broughton.

If readership is to continue, and advertisers thrive, a level playing field is considerably more appropriate.

Sue Jernigan


Editor’s note: The Call prints all letters sent in for publication, with rare exceptions when material is libelous, unprintable in a family newspaper or doesn’t meet guidelines. Letters are not politically censored. The Call printed letters critical of President Barack Obama when they were sent in, but he was not as hot a topic as President Donald Trump has been in his first year. The Call has printed many letters this year from Trump supporters.

Letters from the same author are not printed more than once in a 30-day period.

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