Reader appreciates editorial about Sweeney and how crime can pay


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

We totally agree with The Call’s Sept. 5 editorial opinion in the wonderful column you wrote about “Crime Does Pay,” regarding the ridiculous sentence of probation for former St. Louis Economic Partnership CEO Sheila Sweeney.

All of these people were in cahoots and went along with Steve Stenger and his cronies, obviously in the hope of personal profit and not getting caught.

All their supposed remorse was strictly about the remorse of getting caught.

Sheila Sweeney should not get a pension or retirement benefits or any of that. She already profited plenty with a salary and benefits and lifestyle way beyond what most of us actual “working” people ever get.

She’s just lucky none of us got a say in her sentence. It would most definitely not be probation.

C. Piper