Reader applauds ‘king of comedy’ for writing to The Call letters page


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

It’s not very often that we get a master of satire writing to The Call, but Bruce Raisch proved to be the king of comedy in his Oct. 10 letter.

His “comments” about illegal aliens were pretty funny. Having said that, it’s almost cruel to imply that some people are limited enough to believe illegal aliens get food stamps, free driver’s licenses and — this is the best part — get to vote twice.

I realize there are citizens that believe the Earth is flat and cavemen rode dinosaurs, but as Our Supreme Leader has said many times, there are low IQ individuals everywhere.

I think we should accept the fact that some people are not gifted with normal intelligence. So, Bruce, yes there are people who believe these things, but making fun of conservatives is not kind or Christian. That would be like throwing rocks at children.

Having said that, satire can be pretty funny.

Michael Bohn