Reader agrees with Reinagel’s decision to issue fireworks permit

To the editor:

This letter is regarding your article in the July 27 issue of the Call that reported two Green Park aldermen believed Mayor Bob Reinagel’s issuance of a fireworks permit in 2016 to a business in Green Park was an act of “malfeasance.”

Apparently this was the thought of Ward 1 Aldermen Michael Broughton and Carol Hamilton.

There is a law prohibiting fireworks in all of St. Louis County.

Let’s be reasonable, the law has never been enforced and will never be enforced.

The St. Louis County Police Department has a few better things it needs to be dealing with and if police officers started answering fireworks calls, that is all they would be doing.

The mayor acted in what he thought was the correct way, and I agree with him. Get over it, Broughton and Hamilton.

Wouldn’t your time be better spent installing four or five additional unnecessary stop signs along Green Park Road? I avoid doing business in Green Park every chance I get.

Gary Solovic