Questions use of public funds to publish MFPD’s ‘inflammatory’ Hotline

To the editor:

I have just one question: How much of my taxpayer money went to fund the recent Hotline Mehlville Fire Protection District newsletter, which Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer used to lambaste the firefighters’ union in what appears to be his personal opinion?

Obviously, there is no love lost between the union and the current MFPD board, but I question the use of public funds to publish and distribute such inflammatory rhetoric.

The back-and-forth attacks between this board and the union need to stop and if Mr. Hilmer is truly the leader he claims to be, he could start a “cessation of hostilities” by speaking — at least publicly — in a more respectful way about the group that represents those who put their lives on the line daily for our public safety.

Both the board and the union may have legitimate gripes against the other, but this sort of public attack only makes things worse.

Lisa Marin