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Proposed trail would connect to existing trail fraught with problems

To the editor:

The proposed 2-mile trail extension to the Cliff Cave Park trail is another poorly thought out plan from our park officials that connects to an existing trail at Cliff Cave Park Trail that is already poorly designed and poorly maintained.

A bicycle ride in Cliff Cave Park is a slippery and dangerous game of avoiding decayed leaf piles and fallen tree branches.

Then you have to avoid the mud and loose gravel in the open areas — flooding after storms.

Occasionally, the trail is underwater. The trail even runs through a farmer’s field. A tractor drives over the trail, dragging debris on the trail.

Money needs to be put into improving and redesigning the existing trail, including raising the elevation of the trail. It’s a joke.

The proposed extension has a massive outlook structure that in my opinion takes away from the natural beauty of the cliffs.

A simple widening of the trail in scenic areas would do. The new extension also plans for a pedestrian crossing on Telegraph Road. Great — that’s all we need, more congestion on an already dangerous road.

Why spend money on grand entrances and scenic outlooks?

How about something sensible like a pedestrian overpass on Telegraph? Cross Gravois Road at Grant’s Farm Trail and see for yourself. Any parking provisions for trail users? Are they going to upset business owners on Telegraph Road?

I don’t feel safe driving my car across Telegraph Road. Telegraph Road and bike trails are not a good combination.

This all sounds like someone is resume building — not trail building.

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